“In June 1993, my father had a major stroke. He was living in Rio Rancho and I was living in Wisconsin / Chicago. Relocating back to New Mexico was not an option. Locating resources to help and support my father was challenging. In 1994, I was referred to Marty Brown (Geriatric Care Management) and worked with Marty up to my father’s death in 2003.

As my father’s health continued to deteriorate over the years, Marty became an important bellwether and facilitator regarding the type of care my father needed at different junctions. Over 9 years, we migrated from in-house day support at his home, to moving to an assisted living facility, to finally moving to a residential care home as his needs changed.

She connected us with other personal care givers, financial and investment support, legal support, and most importantly she was the glue between all these services to assure everything was looked after. Additionally, she would attend medical appointments, ER/hospital visits, and met with other individuals to share information and incorporate his requests. Her professional services were especially useful since I lived out of state, but I believe because of the complexities of geriatric care I would have earnestly used her services even if I lived locally. Her knowledge and network is broad and effective. As difficult as those years were, Marty was my touchstone for understanding what was going on, what to expect, and how to manage the systems. I am eternally grateful.”

Marsha E. – Chicago, IL

“It has been a pleasure to work with the professional team at Geriatric Care Management. During a difficult time, marked by significant healthcare changes, Marty and Judy from GCM, helped us navigate the myriad of offerings available, and we ended up making the best choices for long-term care for our loved one. They were with us every step of the way, making sure to stay on top of the overall care plan. They have shown us a unique combination of clinical and long-term care expertise, along with a very personal compassion for the clients that they serve.”

Darrell A. – San Diego, CA

“I can’t begin to tell you all how much your organization has meant to my family and me. Having older parents with different needs I sure needed help and guidance. With my own family to care for and working full time I really leaned on you. I thought I knew what needed to be done for my parents.

I had a plan to care for them and a path I was on, but got lost in the bureaucracy of elder care. I needed an advocate and so did my parents. Having parents in different facilities and making decisions for them was stressful and difficult. I needed support and I got that, I appreciated the personal attention and shared knowledge that helped me make many of those difficult decisions.

I felt lifted up by your help and understanding. I felt that my parents were protected and sheltered within the systems and facilities that care for older loved ones. I still feel close to you all and recommend you to my many friends that seem to be caught up in caring for older parents.

Geriatric Care Management is outstanding and so needed as we all age in today’s world. I appreciate the loving care and friendship Lynne extended to my parents and me, her personal knowledge of our family and her care was outstanding.

Thank you for all of your love and help.”

Jane K. – Albuquerque, NM

“When I began caring for my aunt, I did not know much about Albuquerque or caring for an elderly person. Marty’s extensive knowledge about eldercare and available resources in Albuquerque has been invaluable to us in addressing various issues over the past 7 years. More importantly, Geriatric Care Management has consistently proven to be trustworthy and dependable in dealing with wide ranging and sensitive situations. We can’t imagine caring for my aunt without Marty and my aunt loves her and is sure that she is a dear old friend.”

Mary F. – Dallas, TX

“Thank you, Marty, and your staff for all of your help with our folks. I appreciated your efforts in accommodating me initially on short notice, as I was on limited time there in Albuquerque, but had just found out about you from Doug and Karen and knew we needed help with mom and dad. I accomplished the initial meeting at your office with Lynne and then she came out to the folk’s house for the evaluation in very short order when it wasn’t on your schedules.

You all were a Godsend for me and my family since as in a very short time, the folk’s situation deteriorated even further. When dad had one of his bouts, you already had things in place with their doctors and the medical community. From that point on through all the issues and events that were involved with them, you all managed every detail with not only great professionalism, but also on a very personal basis. I will forever be eternally grateful for what you did and accomplished for the folks, Lynne deserves a medal for getting home assistance in the front door, and would be more than happy to share this with anyone.

Thanks again and tell everyone hello! Think of you all often.”

Bill B. – Edmund, OK