Geriatric Care Management Programs

The client and their families come to accept the Professional Care Manager as a reliable and routine part of their life. Once a relationship is established, the client will often tell the Care Manager about concerns that they may not feel comfortable sharing with their family.

Continuing Care Management (CCM)

Clients are routinely seen in their place of residence a minimum of once monthly, which enables the Professional Geriatric Care Manager (PGCM) to identify and address potential problems in an effort to prevent a more serious issue. Over time, a rapport between the client and the care manager develops which is reassuring both to the client and to their family. The client and their families come to accept the PGCM as a reliable and routine part of their life. These visits enable us to continually assess the clients’ circumstances, monitor services, make adjustments where needed, and continue to coordinate care.

Our PGCMs recognize changes in the client that can result in early diagnoses, treatment, and often prevent unnecessary emergency room visits. We can arrange for clients to be seen by their doctors and serve as an advocate at appointments. Our registered nurse care manager can also provide Medication Management for our clients.

Non-local family members find it particularly helpful to have a local PGCM who keeps them up to date. Continuity of our services creates a support system that allows families to have peace of mind. This service allows families to better plan their visits and spend quality time with their loved ones, which avoids the use of paid time off.

Just in Case Programs

These programs have been specially designed for people who are generally in good health, or already have strong support systems, and do not currently need Continuing Care Management. Typically, the person is planning ahead and wants to enroll in the Just in Case program so GCM will have a thorough history, in order to establish a baseline in the event of future needs, “just in case” issues or crises arise.

After completion of the Assessment and Medical Care Summary document, a client file is created and maintained. The annual fee entitles each member to provide phone or written updates to GCM in order to keep records current. Items, often included are: medications, allergies, physicians, emergency contacts, family address changes, etc. Updated information will be sent to the client and others whom the client authorizes. The “Just in Case” program de-escalates crisis, by having all pertinent information summarized, ready to be provided at a moment’s notice, enabling GCM to advocate for the client. If our services are required, we charge at the consultation rate.

Just in Case Plus +

“Just in Case Plus” includes everything mentioned in our “Just in Case” program with the addition of two yearly follow-up visits by a Professional Geriatric Care Manager who can identify and evaluate changes in the member’s functioning and provide recommendations to enhance independence.

* Membership in our ‘Just in Case’ program is exclusive to those who are not utilizing our Continuing Care Management services.