Self Management Tools for Dealing with Chronic Illness, Part II

Kimberly Gyle, MSW, MSG, CMC In last month’s article, we began sharing with you the principles of the Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Program.  We discussed six tools in a self management tool box: Using your mind. Sleep. Action planning. Decision making. Understanding emotions. Problem solving. … READ MORE ››


What’s the difference between skilled rehab and acute rehab?

Martha Brown, MSW, CMC, National Certified Guardian Basically, the difference is: what’s expected of the patient, length of stay, and insurance coverage. Skilled rehabs are usually located within a nursing home and offer a longer length of stay, up to 100 days, but few people qualify for … READ MORE ››

Who is GCM & what do we do?

At GCM, we are able to provide Geriatric Care Management Services on a number of levels. All of our services begin by completing a Comprehensive Assessment that establishes a baseline of essential information. READ MORE ››